on Oct 09, 18

An Extra Boost to Get Through the Day: Focus by AddFocus XR

Life is hard. Work can be overwhelming and keeping up with your good habits can feel tedious. You can try taking vitamins, drinking coffee, or even take a dose of AddFocus XR to get that extra push. However, things are a bit more challenging when it comes to staying motivated. 

If you're like me, then, your motivation is like a cat. It comes and goes as it pleases and sometimes you don't know where the damn thing went.

So what can you do?

Well first, it's important to acknowledge the synergistic relationship between focus and motivation. Together they help you build discipline and accomplish your goals. You need both and there's no way around it.

Next, you need to create actionable steps like...

Occasionally, you should pause and remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Is it to get more pay and have nice things, or are you after something more?

Maybe you're the planning type. Drawing out plans or creating workflows is fun and watching everything unravel can be the most satisfying feeling in the world. Create checklists and try making a flowchart. It's easier to stay motivated when the tasks are broken down and well defined.

It can be something as simple as reading inspirational words from successful people. Reading a motivational quote is really all it takes sometimes. Just one more boost to get through the day. We like this last one because it's simple, easy, and works perfectly in most cases.

In fact, we like it so much that our Instagram account (@addallxr) has been converted to do just that. We hope that each post can act as a reminder to stay motivated and put focus towards the things that matter.

Take that first step. Follow us on Instagram @addallxr and add focus — and motivation 😉— to your day!

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