About Us: AddFocus's Story

AddFocus XR began with the idea that the brain could be assisted with the massive burden that comes from long periods of focus. With the help of the right micro-nutrients individuals should be able to focus at peak levels for extended periods of time.

“Many people find it hard to concentrate for two reasons. First because their brain has been hyper-stimulated by our digital age. And two, because the food we eat often doesn't contain the micro-nutrients that food did 100 years ago.”

We found that amongst our friends, family, and acquaintances, many were resorting to prescription drugs like Adderall, Modafinil, Concerta, and the like. We heard directly from them that when they took these drugs they felt as if they could do two or three times the amount of work.

But of course, the long-term side effects can be devastating.

The symptoms of withdrawal from these kinds of medications are identical to those of cocaine. In some cases, people have actually committed suicide.

In addition, the misuse of prescription drugs is illegal and can land the user in serious legal trouble. 

That is the kind of trouble that can end a career before it even starts!

So we decided to come out with a better and safer alternative.

After years of development we were able to narrow down what micro-nutrients the brain needs to function at its most optimal level.

Everyone who tried our proprietary blend reported back extremely positive feedback. They were able to focus, concentrate, and have more energy than ever. The best part was that when it wears off, there weren’t any nasty side effects, and there were no issues going to sleep that night! Some even reported that they slept better on the days where they took it in the morning.

After a few more iterations, that blend os essential micro-nutrients became AddFocus XR.

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